Aperol Spritz

Multi-awarded digital strategy and direct marketing for The Aperol Spritz Happy Interview campaign.


Agency :  4 Wise Monkeys

Client : Aperol Spritz via 4 Wise Monkeys

Account Director : Giannis Stoubos

Account Manager : Kelly Tokas

Account Executive : Fenia Sara

Creative Director : Kostas Loukadakos

Senior Creative : Hercules Sivitanidis

Digital Director : Evridiki Gavalaki

Artwork photography courtesy of  4WM 

Portfolio photography by Kelly Tokas


On-Trade :  141.946 + 36% vs last year

Off-Trade : 20.955 + 68% vs last year

TTL Greece : 163.680 + 39,2%

Website Visits : 45.244

Contest Participations : 1.530

Social Media Delivered Impressions : 2.653.943

Awards Received : 19 


At the end of 2003, Campari had acquired the brand Aperol, an Italian light liquor with orange colour and low in calories. The company decided to export the idea of Aperol Spritz as the perfect drink for social occasion, the Italian tradition of light drinks and snacks before - or instead  - of meals. When promoting the new drink, the brief was mainly targeting on bars, wine bars and 

other places where dining is cheaper and faster than formal restaurants.

Associating Aperol Spritz with the fun aperitivo time, especially among younger audiences, led to strong word-of-mouth publicity spreading among consumers. Aperol Spritz's presence was very strong in the capital but, had a very poor brand 

awareness  in other cities. The challenge that we've been faced was to increase sales and brand awareness through an always on digital campaign with geo-located communication on social media, we invited the audience of all major cities to join the campaign site and possibly be the brand's ambassador.