Cutty Sark
‍— 2018/19

Digital strategy, activations and pitch deck design for Cutty Sark Mix It Up campaign.


Agency :  4 Wise Monkeys
Client : Cutty Sark via 4 Wise Monkeys
Account Director : Giannis Stoubos
Account Manager : Kelly Tokas
Account Executive : Fenia Sara
Creative Director : Yorgos Garefalakis
Senior Creative : Hercules Sivitanidis
Digital Director : Evridiki Gavalaki


In recent years whiskey has become outdated for the young audience that seems to prefer more relaxed, fun and mixable drinks like vodka or gin. Cutty Sark, upsetting the rules, wanted to talk to the young audience and reinvent the class by creating a new generation of whiskey consumers. The aim was to attract young people and engage them through interactive digital actions by communicating for the first time to a mass audience a new way to drink Cutty Sark ... mixed.The campaign was based on the successful  insight of the mixed nightlife, just like our mixed drinks. Respecting the brand's values through a digital activation which served as an ode of the greek nightlife and the mixed character of Cutty Sark.