Digital strategy, video promo, event management and pitch deck design for personal care brand Nivea. 


Agency :  BBDO

Client : Nivea via BBDO

Digital Director : Nathalie Samacovlidi 

Digital Manager : Kelly Tokas

Creative Director : Daphne Patrikiou

Senior Creative : Giannis Mazarakis

Artwork photography courtesy of  BBDO

Portfolio photography by Kelly Tokas


Event was held at Smart Park in Spata, Athens and welcomed more than 30.000 visitors in 2 days, making it the biggest event of Nivea ever organised in Greece.


Nivea has have been caring about skin for more than 130 years. By staying close to the consumers and developing innovative skin care brands that are tailored to their needs, they have successfully 

earned the consumers' trust . Their mission is to work as one global team, with one focus: making people feel good in their skin. The future projection is  to become the number one skin care company in the world

Valuing the brand's mission, the marketing strategy, organisation plan, visual touch points as well as the digital promo and the event venue were emphasising the product's core values while boosting awareness  with 7 of the most influential

celebrities in Greece. Campaign management 

included Nivea Act of Caring and Nivea Sun Protect & Moisture respectively.