Campari Red Diaries

Digital strategy and influencers management for Entering Red, Campari's new short-film première in Milan.


Agency :  4 Wise Monkeys
Client : Campari  via 4 Wise Monkeys
Social Media Director : Evridiki Gavalaki
Account Manager : Kelly Tokas
Community Manager : Veevee Gotsopoulos
Creative Director : Katerina Dimitrakopoulou
Artwork photography and video courtesy of
 Gruppo Campari
Portfolio photography by Kelly Tokas


Each year brings with it a new addition to the Campari Red Diaries campaign. Entitled Entering Red, the Campari Red Diaries short film celebrates two icons. The first is the brand, and the second celebrates the iconic Negroni cocktail. The reason why this cocktail is celebrated in the film is that 2019 marks the 100 year anniversary of the Negroni.Hosted at a private function in Milan, the new Campari Red Diaries campaign was launched with VIPs and special guests  invited to watch the third short-film Entering Red premiere.​