Digital marketing activations, PR strategy and pitch deck for Create

Your Own Style, Schwarzkopf campaign.


Agency :  BBDO

Client : Schwarzkopf  via IKON Porter Novelli

Account Director : Elia Liataki

Head Manager : Bia Enotiadi

Account Manager : Kelly Tokas

PR Manager : Dimitra Mari

Artwork photography courtesy of  Schwarzkopf 

Portfolio photography by Kelly Tokas


Schwarzkopf  understands the role hair plays in people's lives. The brand has fully dedicated its vision to hair in order to facilitate people to express who they are or want they want to be. By encouraging all consumers to find the looks that excite them, make them feel beautiful and help them feel at their best, so they can be confident to express who they are. Valuing the brand's mission, all digital activations, PR proposal and pitch desk expressed Schwarzkopf  vision to diversity.